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OCPI Update - April 2016


Open Charge Point Interface - OCPI

April 2016 Newsletter
Information about:

- Why OCPI? Video OCPI - Everybody Benefits
- Release of OCPI v2.1
- How to participate and get information?
- Next steps - what can you expect?

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Why this Update?

OCPI is the key to transparency and openness in the field of charging electric vehicles. In this update, we share information about the associated challenges and solutions. We explain what OCPI offers you and your company, why you should participate and most importantly what it can do for the EV driver.

Video OCPI
Everybody Benefits!   

Feel free to share! OCPI - Everybody benefits!

It offers a simple explanation of the importance of OCPI! What is the problem that OCPI is trying to solve, and what can it do for us? The video offers the answers to these questions in a straightforward manner using language that’s accessible to everyone. The video shows the importance of OCPI, ensuring understanding and a sense of urgency. The video helps organizations to collaborate and inspire them to spread the word.
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Status - New supporters

The list of OCPI supporters and implementers is growing fast. New organizations that joined the group since February are Hubject, Gireve, Chargepartner, Smartlab, ESB, Enovates/Blue Corner,
EV Point, Virta, Clever, Eneco BE and Siemens.


Release of OCPI 2.1

OCPI 2.1 is now available. The main improvements are:
- the support of remote commands
- the possibility to add facility information
- real-time checking of tokens
- the ability to give information about the type of energy.

In addition, some small changes have been made to improve usage and connection with central systems. 2.1 was developed with input from a group of small and large international charge point operators, service providers and major roaming hubs. The process has been facilitated by the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging of Electric Vehicles (NKL). OCPI 2.1 can now be downloaded at OCPI 2.1

The next step - Test version

As a next step, a follow-up project is being defined to make an open source test version of OCPI, which can be used for both testing and implementation. New functionalities will also be added for charge profiles (for smart charging) and improved connection to central systems. As it is an open independent protocol, all input and participation is welcome.

How to participate and where to get more information?

Participation in the development of OCPI is still possible, very welcome and free of charge. It is an open community. If you want more information, the specifications, or you would like to participate in the development, contact OCPI Project Manager Michel Bayings: | +31 6 46 993 355. If you have comments or suggestions, or if you know others who would like to receive this update, please forward it or let us know. For more information, visit our website.

Information in both English and Dutch

NKL is an independent knowledge platform. We collect information about public charging infrastructure and share it via our bilingual website. We will keep you informed on our website, in our regular update and through social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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