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OCPI Update - February 2016


Open Charge Point Interface - OCPI

February 2016 Newsletter
Information about:

- Update new supporters
- Expected 2.1 release: March 2016
- Test tool for OCPI implementation
- How to participate and get information?
- Next month - what can you expect?

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Roaming - Charge point status -
Access and price information - Billing

Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) supplies correct charge station information such as location, availability and pricing, manages bilateral roaming, and allows for real-time billing and mobile access to charge stations. For the electric mobility market, OCPI is the key to a more straightforward and accessible charging system based on objective, accurate information. OCPI does not create competition for existing roaming platforms – it is an open and independent interface that supports roaming and other data exchange between operators, service providers, platforms and EV drivers.

Why this Update?

OCPI is the key to transparency and openness in the field of charging electric vehicles. In this update, we hope to share information about the associated challenges and solutions. We explain why you should participate, what OCPI offers you and your company, and most importantly what it can do for the EV driver. Look forward to receiving this newsletter on a monthly basis!

Status - New supporters

The list of OCPI supporters and implementers is growing fast. We received positive reactions from Hubject,, Gireve, Greenlots and FastNed about OCPI. Other new organizations that joined the group since December are Allego, Chargepartner, Smartlab, ESB, Enovates/Blue Corner, EV Point, Virta, Clever, Eneco BE and Siemens.


Release of OCPI 2.0

OCPI released version 2.0 at the end of December 2015. The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) facilitates and coordinates this project to guarantee progress and ensure development and results. Part of this project is to find a place to continue development in the future. More information, specs and documentation can be downloaded via OCPI 2.0.

Release of OCPI 2.1 expected in March

Eleven new functions and improvements will be made in the OCPI 2.1 release. This includes remote (mobile) commands to start and stop transactions ad hoc via a cell phone, setting of charge profiles that can be used for smart charging, location information at a charge point, real-time token authentication, visible branding, messaging when the other party is offline and some technical improvements. A full list can be retrieved by contacting OCPI Project Manager Michel Bayings at

Test tool for your OCPI implementation

The peer-to-peer approach of OCPI enables roaming partners to connect quickly and easily. In order to ensure high quality in these connections and to prevent errors in production, the first testing tool is now available to the businesses. It helps businesses to implement all modules of OCPI at their backend and ensures compatibility with other roaming partners. Tool for OCPI implementation

How to participate and where to get more information?

Participation in the development of OCPI is still possible, very welcome and free of charge. It is an open community. If you want more information, the specifications, or you would like to participate in the development, contact OCPI Project Manager Michel Bayings: | +31 6 46 993 355. If you have comments or suggestions, or if you know others who would like to receive this update, please forward it or let us know. For more information, visit our website.

Next month - what can you expect?

We will keep you informed on our website, in our monthly update and through social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Next month, we will explain status, functionalities and the roadmap in more detail.

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