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OCPI Update - May 2017:
News: Bug fix version 2.1.1, CIR Migration, EME Call...


OCPI - Open Charge Point Interface

May 2017 Newsletter
Information about:

- Status of OCPI, May 2017
- EME Call – Emobility Europe Call approved
- OCPI Bug fix version 2.1.1
- CIR Migration – OCPI basis for roaming the Netherlands
- Fast Charging Alliance supports OCPI
- The OCPI experience of Oplaadpalen.nl
- Who supports of OCPI?
- Join the OCPI community


Why this Update?

OCPI is the key to transparency and openness in the field of charging electric vehicles. This sixth update includes information about the associated challenges and solutions. In it, we share information about the latest version of OCPI, new implementations and international projects, and we explain the connection between OCPI and Fast Charging.

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Status of OCPI, May 2017

The OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol is intended to facilitate both peer-to-peer roaming and roaming via all kinds of hubs. It does not replace hubs, but rather makes the connection more independent from a specific hub. OCPI is fully independent and available free of charge. Many European organizations now support OCPI, as it makes it easier to connect to partners. It supports services like token exchange, real-time charging price information, the setup of charging sessions, and live status and location information of charge points. OCPI is compatible with the ISO 15118, eMI3 standards and OCPP. Read more

OCPI bugfix version 2.1.1 can be downloaded here

EME- Electric Mobility Europe Call
Light Proposal Subsidy for eRoaming in Europe via OCPI approved

The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) submitted a subsidy application for “eRoaming in Europe.” Together with partners from Germany, Denmark and Austria, a so-called light proposal was submitted. This served to demonstrate how electric vehicle operators can use their own charging cards in a number of European countries, with the help of OCPI. At the end of April 2017, we received the great news that the light proposal was approved. This is an initial step toward the rollout of eRoaming in a European context, with the use of OCPI as open protocol. NKL is now focusing on writing up the full proposal, which will be submitted June 9, 2017. Read more

Partners involved
Stromnetz Hamburg  (D), e-clearing.net (D), Eon (DK), the City of Copenhagen (DK), ENIO (AU), MRAe (NL), TU/e (NL) and eViolin (NL).

OCPI Bug fix version 2.1.1 is available

After the release of OCPI 2.1, some elements needed improvement because of small bugs or because certain functionalities had to be better defined. Version 2.1.1. of OCPI was released in early 2017, replacing v.2.1. This version is fully compatible with version 2.1. With this release, some important issues are being solved:  The “Length of location” is now 39 characters, “Total costs” at sessions are now optional, and a strong statement has been added: the communicated prices are the ones drivers should rely on – instead of just an indication.

Version 2.1.1. is available on Github. Discussions on future versions are taking place on Slack. Follow to the OCPI community if you would like to participate or have questions.


CIR Migration – OCPI as a basis for roaming in the Netherlands

E-Violin is working on the final preparations and testing: this month, the registry of EV drivers will migrate from the current CIR (Central Interoperability Register) to e-Clearing.net. From then on, market parties in the Netherlands such as charge point operators (CPOs) and service providers (MSPs) will use OCPI as the basis for peer-to-peer communication. This will be the beginning of a form of collaboration that is based on a completely open roaming standard. This offers a stable base for new kinds of information exchange (costs, real-time pricing, location information, etc.). At the same time, it offers the opportunity to communicate by way of a clear-cut protocol in an international context.

The majority of CPOs and MSPs are affiliated with eClearing.net to ensure roaming in the Netherlands and Belgium. With more than 200,000 EV drivers and 21 CPOs and MSPs, the Netherlands is the largest roaming market in the world. The migration to OCPI requires considerable effort from all parties involved, but so far the results have been encouraging. Read more


OCPI experience: eViolin

The Netherlands and Belgium chose for the OCPI protocol because we want to be independent of any specific hub or system. We believe in a level playing field and OCPI provides this. OCPI provides the choice for CPO’s and EMSP to work peer to peer or via a hub. Hubs or platforms can provide additional services and create additional value. All stakeholders are involved in the OCPI development, we see it fulfills a  need in the market. That is why we chose OCPI.

Jurjen de Jong, Chairman of eViolin

Fast Charging Alliance supports OCPI

In February 2017, five fast charge companies set up the Open Fast Charge Alliance. The founding members are Fastned (The Netherlands), Sodetrel (France), Smatrics (Austria), Grønn Kontakt (Norway) and GOtthard FASTcharge (Switzerland). Together, the alliance members own and operate over 500 fast chargers in six countries. They operate their networks according to high standards. This includes providing 24/7 customer service and ensuring maximum network uptime. The alliance is open to other networks adhering to these standards. The alliance will focus on bilateral roaming agreements between these high-quality networks by implementing open standards such as OCPI. The first implementations are planned within the year. More OCPI Updates



Charging station map supplier Oplaadpalen.nl chooses OCPI

Oplaadpalen.nl, a large independent Dutch charging station map supplier, has implemented OCPI. Oplaadpalen.nl owns a website that helps EV drivers to find charging stations. It also gives information to several international organizations about locations of charging stations, availability and costs. The customers of Oplaadpalen.nl are OEMs, other companies of charging maps tools and service providers. By using OCPI, Oplaadpalen.nl can give its customers and EV drivers more reliable and faster information. In May 2017, a new version of the website will be deployed. It will show the costs of all providers of a charging station.

OCPI experience Oplaadpalen.nl

At this moment we use over 20 different protocols and interfaces to retrieve necessary information. Thanks to OCPI this will be reduced to a single protocol, which will make our system more reliable and will save a lot of money.”

Falco van Vloten, Director of Eco-movement 


Who supports OCPI?

Many companies already implement OCPI, support it and participate actively in its development. These include:

Allego, BeCharged, Blue Corner, Blue Current, BMW, e-Clearing.net, eMobility Consulting, Eneco, EV Box, eViolin, EVNetNL, Freshmile, Gireve, Greenflux, Hubject, iHomer, Last Mile solutions, Movenience, Multi Tank Card, Next Charge/Go Electric, Next Green Car, Nuon, Open Charge Map, Oplaadpalen.nl, Plugsurfing, The New Motion, Travelcard and many others.

The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) facilitates and coordinates this project to guarantee progress and ensure development and results.

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