OCPI update October 2017: Introduction new international logo, status, EVS30, new implementations and EME Call.
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OCPI Update - October 2017
News: Status, EVS30, new implementations and EME Call


OCPI - Open Charge Point Interface

 October 2017 Newsletter:

- Introduction new international OCPI logo
- OCPI independent, free of intellectual property rights
- The OCPI experience of Freshmile
- Status of the EME (Emobility Europe Call) Call
- Presentation NKL at AVS30 Conference
- Easytrip and the KiWhi card
- New implementations: Luxembourg and United States
- Open Fast Charge Alliance
- 100th OCPI participant in Slack 
- Who supports OCPI?


Update and introduction OCPI logo

OCPI is the key to transparency and openness in the field of charging electric vehicles. This seventh update includes information about the associated challenges and solutions. In it, we share information about the status of OCPI, subsidies to guarantee the management of OCPI, and new implementations and participants. We are also introducing our new international logo.

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OCPI is independent and free of intellectual property rights

OCPI is implemented extensively in the Netherlands, Europe and around the world. In addition to these implementations, we are currently working hard to protect OCPI as a protocol that’s open, independent and free of intellectual property rights. At the same time, we are also setting up a management organization for OCPI. Feel free to offer us your support or input by sending an email to rferwerda@nklnederland.nl


The OCPI Experience of Freshmile

Freshmile, a leading charging service operator in France, made the decision earlier this year to reorganize its software around OCPI. All internal and external modules use OCPI to interact, for both CPO and EMP activities. Connections to interoperability platforms are managed through OCPI, and the first peer-to-peer connections to other operators are planned for the end of the year.

"Redeveloping all our software around OCPI was a bold step. I made the decision with our lead developer. We bet on OCPI because it would allow us to easily add new services and SaaS-based offers. OCPI is a technical decision, but its implications lie at the heart of our current expansion strategy in Europe and beyond."

Arnaud Mora, CEO of Freshmile 

Status of the EME (Electric Mobility Europe) Call

NKL submitted a subsidy application for e-Roaming in Europe earlier this year. At the end of April 2017 our light proposal was approved. This was an initial step toward the rollout of eRoaming in a European context, with the use of OCPI as open protocol. Together wit other European partners, NKL submitted a full proposal this July. The goal is to finance a pilot to demonstrate roaming: EVRoaming4EU. To achieve this, NKL is collaborating with the greater metropolitan areas of Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Vienna to make  E-Roaming possible through OCPI. This will allow the EV driver to charge with just one card throughout Europe. We will be hearing this fall of the proposal is accepted. Fingers crossed! Learn more about EME subsidy

Partners involved

Stromnetz Hamburg  (D), e-clearing.net (D), Eon (DK), the City of Copenhagen (DK), ENIO (AU), MRAe (NL), TU/e (NL) and eViolin (NL).

Presentation NKL at EVS30 Conference

NKL will present the proposal on Tuesday, October 10 in Stuttgart, Germany. The theme is “Towards a single roaming ‘language’ for European charging infrastructure. How open roaming protocols accelerate European rollout of EV services in a diversified policy landscape.”

Meet NKL at EVS30
Contact Roland Ferwerda, Program Coordination NKL rferwerda@nklnederland.nl            

Sessions on e-Roaming and OCPI - EVS30 Stuttgart

Business opportunities

Advancing e-Roaming in Europe

E-Roaming Protocols

Session: Policy Talk

On Business Opportunities and Roaming Protocols

Date: Mon, Oct 9, 2017
Time: 2:00-2:30 p.m.
Location: Holland Lounge

Session: DS2 Charging/ fueling infrastructure fueling infrastructure

Advancing eRoaming in Europe: towards a single 2language" for the European charging infrastructure

Date: Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Time: 1:15-2:45 p.m.
Location: Hall1, 1K40 - Dialogue Session Area

Session: Expert session on e-Roaming Protocols

Date: Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Time: 15:30-16:30
Location: German Federal Government booth

More information
Website EVS30

Easytrip KiWhi Pass implements OCPI

French-based Easytrip and its KiWhi Pass® are announcing implementation of OCPI. Easytrip is specialized in providing access and payment services to OEMs, leasers, public, semi-public and private CPOs, private EV owners and large company fleet managers and employees. Easytrip encourages the use of OCPI to quickly improve the EV user experience at CPO locations. www.easytrip.fr


The OCPI experience of Easytrip KiWhi Pass


OCPI experience of Easytrip

Joining the OCPI protocol is an important step for Easytrip as our goal, since the launch of KiWhi Pass back in 2013, is to take away barriers and provide the everyday EV driver with high quality services. Our teams are committed to ease the EV customer journey and OCPI brings real added value to accomplish this. We believe that OCPI will help rapid growth of direct interconnections between the various actors of the EV ecosystem… for the customers sake. Openness and standardization at the lowest cost are key to make this happen. Thanks to OCPI we are now in a position to strengthen our “openness” even more.

Any CPO supporting OCPI and willing to benefit from a large EV customer base can now easily interconnect with our platform. We can bring them easy payment services and 'market' their charge points on our platform. Finally we want to make roaming easy for everyone at the lowest cost possible.

Claude Muller - Easytrip’s General Manager

New implementations of OCPI

At the time of writing, more than 25 Dutch and Belgian parties are roaming with OCPI. Luxembourg also recently chose for OCPI, and the United States is expressing interest. Char.gy is the largest CPO platform and is managed by grid operator CREOS. It is implementing OCPI as well.

Some parties with OCPI roam directly through peer-to-peer connections, while others roam through roaming hubs. One of these hubs that is now implementing OCPI is e-Clearing.net, which connects charging networks all over Europe. e-Clearing.net’s goal is to make it easier for every EV driver to cross borders. The implementation of OCPI fits perfectly into this mission.

Open Fast Charge Alliance

Parties that are members of the Open Fast Charge Alliance (a premium network of fast chargers all over Europe) are also working to implement OCPI. These include Fastned (The Netherlands), Sodetrel (France), Smatrics (Austria), Gronn Kontakt (Norway) and GOtthard FAST charge (Switzerland).

100th OCPI participant in Slack  

Developments are happening fast, and more and more parties are becoming members of the OCPI community. All participating organizations are connected with each other by way of the tool Slack. Slack recently welcomed its 100th OCPI participant! More about OCPI version 2.1.1 Not affiliated yet? Request an account or more information? Contact ocpi@nklnederland.nl

Who supports OCPI?

Many companies already implement OCPI, support it and participate actively in its development. These include:

Allego, BeCharged, Blue Corner, Blue Current, BMW, Creos, Easytrip (KiWhi), e-Clearing.net, eMobility Consulting, Eneco, EV Box, eViolin, EVNetNL, Freshmile, Greenflux, Hubject, iHomer, Last Mile solutions, Movenience, Multi Tank Card, Next Charge/Go Electric, Next Green Car, Nuon, Open Charge Map, Open Fast Charge Alliance (Sodetrel, Fastned, Smatrics, Gronn Kontakt and Gotthard Fastcharge), Oplaadpalen.nl, Plugsurfing, The New Motion, Travelcard and many others.

OCPI is now also adopted and implemented by several EU energy and smart charging programs including INVADE.

The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) facilitates and coordinates this project to guarantee progress and ensure development and results.

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OCPI_logo OCPI-logo4x OCPI_logo

OCPI - European regulation is increasingly recognizing the need for transparency and open protocols. OCPI responds to this need: it's an independent and open protocol meant to enable EV drivers to charge everywhere and to get the right information about charge stations, availability and pricing. It supports roaming by way of hubs, but also allows decentralized (peer to peer) connections. It can even be used for ad hoc access to charge stations as demanded by EU directive. Because it's not tied to one specific roaming operator, OCPI moves competition towards products and services, and away from closed consortia and protocol choices. More about OCPI

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