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Special: evRoaming in Europe - EME Call
December 2017


evRoaming4EU and OCPI

 December 2017 Newsletter:

- evRoaming4EU proposal selected for funding
- The importance of evRoaming in Europe
- European partners involved in EME Call
- 2018-2019 project programme
- New OCPI functionalities
- Setting up of OCPI management organisation
- Why is the development of evRoaming necessary?
- Benelux to integrate charging systems
- About OCPI, Open Charge Point Interface
- Information and contact


Why this update?

OCPI OCPI is the key to transparency and open standards in the field of charging electric vehicles. This eighth update is a special about the European collaboration project evRoaming4EU. It explains the importance of evRoaming, brings news about the status of the EME proposal (subsidy) and explains what it means for the development of OCPI. Feel free to forward this special to others!

Feel free to forward this update to others!

News: evRoaming4EU selected for funding!

It’s official: evRoaming4EU, the evRoaming project for electric mobility in Europe, has been awarded the European subsidy for which it applied. We would like to congratulate and thank our German, Danish, Austrian and Dutch partners for their input and contributions. The project will begin in January 2018 and run until December 2019. Learn more about the EME Call

Infographic evRoaming4EU

The importance of evRoaming in Europe

In recent years, the market for electric vehicles (EV) and their charging infrastructure has grown dramatically. However, in the EU, the absence of widely adopted protocols and standards for the interoperability of and roaming for EV charging stations has severely hindered the development of cross-border travel. Present solutions have a national scope at best, while new products and services are often limited to specific regions or countries.

Charging at any station in the EU

To remedy this situation, the evRoaming4EU project formed a partnership with parties from four EU countries: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. Its main objective is to facilitate roaming services for charging electric vehicles as well as to provide transparent information about charging locations and prices of charging in Europe by making use of the open independent OCPI protocol. The ultimate goal is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in the EU. A key part of the project involves transnational pilots aimed at addressing and resolving functional, technical, legal and fiscal obstacles. Read more

OCPI in decentral solutions ensure compatibility and cost-efficiency

European partners involved in EME Call

D – Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH
D – e-clearing.net, Smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH
DK – E.ON Danmark A/S
DK – Copenhagen Electric, Capital Region of Denmark
NL – MRA-e, Metropole Region of Amsterdam - Electric
NL – TU/e, Eindhoven University of Technology
NL – NKL, Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure

OCPI connects central roaming hubs to accelerate connectivity

and provide additional services

2018 - 2019 Project programme

1. Further development of OCPI – new functionalities and application of project results (NKL)
2. Setting up of OCPI management organisation (NKL) – implementation support and maintenance
3. Setting up of regional pilots focused on evRoaming (MRA-e)
4. Setting up of cross-border pilots focused on evRoaming, centrally via hubs (Smartlab)
5. Setting up of cross-border pilots focused on evRoaming, decentralized via peer-to-peer (ENIO)
6. Interoperability via standardisation (TUe)

A standard and open protocol that connects and integrates Hub and P2P functions allows for a mature market for EV products and services

New OCPI functionalities

OCPI management organisation

As part of OCPI’s further development, a wide range of new functionalities which are desirable for OCPI will be identified. This inventory will entail features which should be added in order to align OCPI better with the wishes of market players and EV drivers. A request for input will follow in 2018.

OCPI is implemented extensively in Europe and worldwide. In addition to these implementations, we are currently working hard to protect OCPI as a protocol that is open, independent and free of intellectual property rights. One of the goals of the evRoaming4EU project is to set up a management organisation, which will be launched in 2018. Feel free to offer us your support or input by sending an email to projectmanager Roland Ferwerda, rferwerda@nklnederland.nl

Why is the development of evRoaming in Europe necessary?

ev-driver4x Mobility_service_nieuwsbrf

To accelerate the market for EV drivers

To Improve mobility services

A mature EV market needs a single communication infrastructure where all market players in the EV and energy sector are connected. New, integrated and profitable business models can be developed that provide flexibility and assure continuity of supply. EV drivers may expect to have an optimal user experience, regardless of borders, operators or equipment. Prices, tariffs, locations, availability and a single invoice should be available real-time in a transparent way.

Benelux to integrate charging systems

During the Benelux Top event on 7 December, executives from the Benelux countries discussed the integration of charging systems within the three nations. This meeting was a great example of specific steps which are currently being taken to promote the roll-out of electric transport in Europe.Press release Benelux-Unie Efforts were endorsed in a Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding borderless access to e-mobility services in the Benelux region.

Electrive.com reported on this result as follows:
'The major Benelux (BElgium, NEtherlands and LUXembourg) charging-station operators Open Chargepoint (Belgium), eViolin (Netherlands) and Chargy (Luxembourg) have announced plans to cooperate and integrate their charging systems.' Read more


Open Charge Point Interface

OCPI responds to the European need for transparency and open protocols. It's an independent and open protocol meant to enable EV drivers to charge everywhere and get the right information about charging stations, availability and pricing. It supports roaming by way of hubs, but it also allows decentralised (peer-to-peer) connections. Because it’s not tied to one specific roaming operator, OCPI moves the competition away from closed consortia and protocol choices – towards products and services. It's independent and free of intellectual property rights. More about OCPI

Who supports OCPI?

Many companies already implement OCPI, support it and participate actively in its development. These companies include Allego, BeCharged, Blue Corner, Blue Current, BMW, Creos, Easytrip (KiWhi), e-Clearing.net, eMobility Consulting, Eneco, EV Box, eViolin, EVNetNL, Freshmile, Greenflux, Hubject, iHomer, Last Mile solutions, Movenience, Multi Tank Card, Next Charge/Go Electric, Next Green Car, Nuon/ Vattenfall, Open Charge Map, Open Fast Charge Alliance (Sodetrel, Fastned, Smatrics, Gronn Kontakt and Gotthard Fastcharge), Oplaadpalen.nl, Plugsurfing, The New Motion, Travelcard and many others.

OCPI is now also adopted and implemented by several EU programmes for energy and smart charging, including INVADE.

The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) facilitates and coordinates this project to guarantee progress as well as to ensure development and results. More information? Ask our specialist Michel Bayings: mbayings@nklnederland.nl

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Information and contact

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