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OCPI Update - June 2016
About status, news, first implementations and the next steps.


OCPI - Open Charge Point Interface

June 2016 Newsletter
Information about:

- OCPI Status, June 2016 - OCPI v2.1
- News about the first OCPI implementations
- eViolin members choose for OCPI
- Next steps - What can you expect?
- Input and planning
- How to participate and get information

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Why this Update?

OCPI is the key to transparency and openness in the field of charging electric vehicles. In this fourth update, we share information about the associated challenges and solutions. We explain what OCPI can mean for companies and most importantly what it can do for the EV driver.

OCPI status, June 2016

OCPI version 2.1 was released in April 2016. In addition to the main functions like exchanging card IDs, static and dynamic chargestation information and pricing information, this version also supports remote commands for use with mobile devices and without the need of subscription to a service provider. Version 2.1 was developed with input from a group of international charge point operators, service providers and major roaming hubs. The process has been facilitated by NKL. OCPI 2.1 can be downloaded for free.

OCPI version 2.1 can be downloaded here


First OCPI implementations

EV-Box and Plugsurfing recently finished their OCPI implementation. They now exchange their data in an open independent and standardized manner.

Other companies like BMW, The New Motion, Greenflux and Go Electric will follow soon. By implementing OCPI you can connect to these organizations through the same interface.

eViolin advises members to implement OCPI

News: The Dutch roaming and ID issuing organization eViolin supports OCPI by promoting it both in the Netherlands and abroad. eViolin has chosen OCPI as the main way for roaming with Dutch companies. This can either be peer-to-peer or through an external roaming system that supports OCPI.

eViolin is the association of charge point operators and charging service providers in the Netherlands and is also responsible for roaming within the Netherlands and connecting to other countries. eViolin focuses on simpler agreements and transparency.

Video: OCPI - Everybody Benefits!   

Feel free to share the video: OCPI - Everybody Benefits!

- What is OCPI and why is it important?
- How does OCPI work?
- What problem can OCPI solve?
- What can it do for us?
- Who's already on board?
- Why should you collaborate?
- What are the concrete benefits?

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The next steps - What can you expect?

OCPI is developing quickly and the expectations are high. Concrete practical experiences with the first versions of OCPI have been promising. The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) has initiated analysis what is necessary to bring OCPI to the next level. This analysis involves taking stock of four focus areas:

1. Governance of OCPI to ensure continuous improvement and maintenance.
2. A test tool for the service provider, operator and navigation service providers.
3. An open source implementation set, that can be used both for testing and easier implementation of OCPI. This will occur in two development languages.
4. New functionalities: better connection with central roaming systems, support for charge profiles to support smart charging, revocation of CDRs (Charge Data Records), tariff information from service provider to operator, and your input is welcome.

Input and planning

OCPI is a co-production
In the next phase, we would like to appeal to your expertise and knowledge. OCPI is a collaborative effort. Do you think you could contribute? Do you have ideas in a technical or functional field? Do your want to provide input to support testing and implementation tools? Then please contact us!

We expect that concrete development will start in October 2016 and will last until the summer of 2017.

What do you need? Please share your ideas! Contact

How to participate and where to get more information?

Participation in the development of OCPI is still possible, very welcome and free of charge. It is an open community. If you want more information, the specifications, or you would like to participate in the development, contact OCPI Project Manager Michel Bayings: mbayings@nklnederland.nl | +31 6 46 993 355. If you have comments or suggestions, or if you know others who would like to receive this update, please forward it or let us know. For more information, visit our website.

Information in both English and Dutch

NKL is an independent knowledge platform. We collect information about public charging infrastructure and share it via our bilingual website. We will keep you informed on our website www.nklnederland.nl, in our regular updates and through social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

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Many companies already implement OCPI, support it and participate actively in its development: EV Box, Next Charge/Go Electric, The New Motion, ElaadNL, Freshmile, Greenflux, Plugsurfing, BeCharged, Charge-partner, Last Mile solutions, Hubject, eClearing.net, eViolin, BMW, Gireve, Allego, Open Charge Map, HERE, Blue Corner, iHomer and others. The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) facilitates and coordinates this project to guarantee progress and ensure development and results.